Girevoy Nationals 2020: reflections

10 min Long Cycle @16 kg

This is the face of intense struggle and realization from the Girevoy competition this past weekend. It was fantastic and there’s a huge lesson here!

I didn’t train for this event. I had a VERY nice relaxing winter 🙂 and I don’t regret it for a second. But I suspected that I would struggle and maybe even not last the 10 minutes. However, I wanted to do the event anyway.


Because I wanted to KNOW (not guess) the REALITY of my physical and mental fitness. Facts are more important than feelings. And truth always sets us free, even if it’s uncomfortable at first.

The positive: I gave it my best effort but had the presence of mind to stop as soon as my technique began to fail. I belive that a huge part of mental strength is sticking to your principles even under competitive pressure. My principles include a healthy functional injury-free body for life, aka using good form no matter what. For that reason I deeply admire those athletes who either a) finish strong or b) stop when their technique begins to deteriorate aka live to fight another day. To me it says that the athlete is playing the long game.

The negative: my strength endurance was far lower than I thought. I didn’t even come close to beating my April record. I knew that I was less fit than before, but what made a real difference was actually EXPERIENCING the struggle on the platform. That was what gave me the necessary kick in the pants and those who know me know that I value the occasional harsh reality check.

I wouldn’t have gotten my motivation back if I had decided to sit out this competition. I would have stayed in my comfort zone, vaguely aware of some possible decline but without any impetus for action.

And this is the reason why, to stay fit for life, we must DEFINE our fitness to ourselves (really important), and then TEST it regularly, entusiastically, unflinchingly. And if it helps, publically too 浪. We are social creatures (some more social then others) and for many of us, public testing is supremely potent for motivation.

PS thank you Jen from Crossfit Power Station for capturing the moment!

22 October 2020

Published by Kat's Kettlebell Dojo

Kettlebell Dojo is a philosophy that is about making your training time-efficient and maximally effective by consistently performing high-quality functional movements. Kat is a certified Movement & Performance Therapy Specialist, StrongFirst SFG Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor, Level 4 Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, IKSFA Kettlebell Sport coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, Jump Rope instructor, and Certified Crossfit Gymnastics trainer.

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