Painful forearm during the TGU?

Does your forearm feel painful during the TGU on the Deep Six complex?

If yes, you might find my answer to one of our subscriber’s questions useful.


“The Deep Six killed me. In the TGU my forearm was on fire. Especially after round 3”


Ouch! That is never pleasant. I and my students have experienced this too so you aren’t alone.

The forearm pain happens for several reasons, some of which are preventable and others somewhat unavoidable. Some of the most common reasons are:

1. If you’re a physically big guy using a relatively small size cast iron kettlebell, it can dig uncomfortably into the forearm/wrist. The pain is reduced with larger kettlebells or if you use Competition style Kettlebell.

2. If you’re not used to Kettlebell training, the forearms will lack condition, and ache from the pressure of the bell. This goes away with practice, the same way that martial artists become conditioned to their forearms being struck.

3. Technique. There’s a position for holding the Kettlebell that exerts the least pressure on the forearm. Finding it she making sure it’s always adhered to helps eliminate forearm discomfort.

4. Finally, probably the most common reasons during the Deep Six is banging the forearm during Snatches and Cleans, and then doing the TGU on the already bruised forearm.  Here, it’s helpful to eliminate the banging during cleans and snatches. The easiest way is to keep the Kettlebell flying close to the body on the way up.

I hope these were somewhat helpful.

Thank you to Orlando Neto for the question.


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