Why We Don’t Rush the Swing

Tessa performing one of her first sets of Dead Stop Swings

Here’s why we don’t jump into the swing too fast, but instead go through the whole progression with our beginners.

Why we start with Dowel Hinge, then master the deadlift in every variation, then the dead clean and only after all that do we begin to learn the swing.

Here’s our student Tessa Spivak⁩ from Sydney, Australia, arriving at Dead Stop Swing, after many months of going through the whole progression, getting stronger, fitter and becoming a total NINJA of using her body well in the process. All BEFORE she does her first swing.

Now, when learning the swing, Tessa doesn’t need to worry about packing the shoulders, keeping a straight back, bracing the abs, squeezing the glutes, keeping a neutral neck etc etc.
Because she has already mastered those skills with the Dowel Hinge, the Deadlift variations and the Dead Clean. She doesn’t need to worry about arm connection, because she has mastered that through hike pass and swing sequence drill.

She just needs to put all the skills she already has together.

The result – a straightforward and nearly perfect swing without stress, frustration, injury or overthinking.

By the way, Tessa is learning the swing with a 16kg kettlebell, because everything else is ‘too easy’. So, using the progression also means you start swinging strong, using the weight that safely and effectively challenges all the right muscles.

This is what many of you, Kettlebell Academy students, are currently doing too, so this video represents the virtuous (no other way to put it) path of learning and mastery that you’re all on.

Bravo, Tessa, and bravo to you, kettlebellers of Kettlebell Academy and all the kettlebellers out there who have the patience to follow the process of building excellence.


Published by Kat's Kettlebell Dojo

Kettlebell Dojo is a philosophy that is about making your training time-efficient and maximally effective by consistently performing high-quality functional movements. Kat is a certified Movement & Performance Therapy Specialist, StrongFirst SFG Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor, Level 4 Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, IKSFA Kettlebell Sport coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, Jump Rope instructor, and Certified Crossfit Gymnastics trainer.

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