Why We Don’t Rush the Swing

Here’s why we don’t jump into the swing too fast, but instead go through the whole progression with our beginners. Why we start with Dowel Hinge, then master the deadlift in every variation, then the dead clean and only after all that do we begin to learn the swing. Here’s our student Tessa Spivak⁩ fromContinue reading “Why We Don’t Rush the Swing”


Kettlebell Swing: Hardstyle vs Girevoy

Q: Can you please clarify the different benefits that accrue from the hardstyle and soft style swings. Which would be better as an exercise?  A: Prefer to watch this answer as a video? Go HERE Hardstyle Swing Hardstyle swing has a movement pattern almost identical to the deadlift, with a slight emphasis on the glutesContinue reading “Kettlebell Swing: Hardstyle vs Girevoy”

Q: What Pace Makes Sense for a 10 min set of Girevoy Jerk?

Q: What Pace Makes Sense for a 10 min set of Girevoy Jerk? (A question by Andi Baumann) A. Hi Andi, Great question! How many reps of Jerk one should aim for in a minute during a 10 min Girevoy Competition set? You should be in the approximate range of 90-180 reps total. Under 90Continue reading “Q: What Pace Makes Sense for a 10 min set of Girevoy Jerk?”

Leaning Back in Kettlebell Jerk

Q: I’ve sometimes seen people bend back as they do their jerks. Should you ever bend backwards as you do these movements? (Finney Raju) A: Hi Finney, Great question! The thoracic extension can indeed happen when you drive the Kettlebell off the rack, it’s more commonly used in Girevoy sport because Girevoy athletes develop greatContinue reading “Leaning Back in Kettlebell Jerk”

How to OWN your Kettlebell for better TGU

Q: I have an imbalance in TGU. My right side is far behind technique wise. Strange, because my stronger arm is the right arm. The initial roll to elbow is tough. I CAN do the Get Up with 32kg on both sides but it looks and feels bad. Probably have to stick with 24kg forContinue reading “How to OWN your Kettlebell for better TGU”

Can I turn out my toes in kettlebell swing?

Question: ‘When we adopt a squat stance, we can play around with the width of our stance and turnout of our feet, depending on individual hip structure and the upright torso requirement (Goblet, Front or Overhead Squats have different requirements when it comes to upright torso position, thus the stance for them will be different).Continue reading “Can I turn out my toes in kettlebell swing?”

What Kettlebellers Can Learn from Bodybuilders and Old School Russians

Hardstyle kettlebell training is notorious for its goals of strength and power, short training sessions, using compound lifts, practicing the same movements over and over again, and using low rep ranges: 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps being the standard format.  Bodybuilding is notorious for its goal of muscle hypertrophy, ultra-long training sessions, employing both compound andContinue reading “What Kettlebellers Can Learn from Bodybuilders and Old School Russians”

How to Kettlebell Train Outside in the Winter

There is always temptation to spend the entire winter training indoors, but such a temptation is a false friend. Being outside in winter is even more important than it is in summer. In general, outdoor training boosts energy, allows us to reconnect with nature and escape the electronic and concrete jungle, improves creativity and inducesContinue reading “How to Kettlebell Train Outside in the Winter”