Hi Kat, I just realized that this month I celebrate a 1 year anniversary since I started coaching with you. It has been amazing and I want to thank you for all your guidance and for sharing your knowledge with me. Your philosophy has changed my perspective in many positive ways and my love and respect for Kettlebells keep on growing every day. Thank you, Kat! I couldn’t have asked for a better coach!

Francheska, USA, 23 July 2022

Hey Kat,

I just wanted to thank you for being a big part of helping me reach my goals: the Turkish get-up and my mobility issues. After watching countless videos on youtube I started to watch your channel. The major reason was your technique is so precise, the information you give is spot on, and the amount of information is staggering. For me, I needed to have the information delivered for my level of ability and mobility. Many years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu had turned my body into a painful mess. I began to learn more about moving in single planes of motion that athletes fall prey to by being in a sport for a long period. I will say it was hard really hard! But when you have a coach that is patient, knowledgeable, and also listens, there are small breakthroughs almost every week. After more than a year off because of the pandemic, I got back on the mats and it feels amazing, I am certain I will get dings and dents but I feel strong and confident. This translates to smooth calm movement, and the ability to keep up with much younger people. I really feel 10+ years younger!
A very sincere thank you, Kat!

Dave Silva

May 23, 2021
Portland, Oregon USA

Alex L March 23, 2021
Before I started training with Kat I struggled with knee problems when running long distances and had next to no upper body strength (6kgs was really heavy). Within 6 months she successfully got me through running a 50k ultra marathon without any issues. And now, after 2 years, 8kgs feels really light and I’m regularly training with 12-24kg bells. I would highly recommend Kat for anyone looking to develop all round strength, focusing on good form20201222_134725 rather than pushing to the edge exhaustion. I especially appreciate the balance of being able to train at home following a personalized plan on the training app alongside meeting up to train with others in the great outdoors. She’s always positive and encouraging, which helps when the workouts are on the hard side. Thanks for everything Kat! (Except for all those squats haha)

Nicolette L March 19, 2021
I can say without any doubt that Kat is the best trainer I have ever worked with! She is extremely knowledgeable about her field and invest an incredible amount of time and effort in each of her team members. Knowledge and tips are shared freely IMG_20180811_153514_195and frequently. And classes are well prepared and varied. She is positive, encouraging and knows how to draw the best out of people 🙂 No matter what I am training for or focused on, Kat focuses on my goals with me and ensures that I am well prepared for each one. Not only is this resulting in confidence, but also keeps me accountable. Going to class is the highlight of my week! A great workout is guaranteed and so is a laugh and a hug!

Josafath Israel Espinosa Ramos – February 28, 2021
An excellent option to improve and maintain your body healthy. The workouts and programs are designed and personalised according to people’s needs. The professionalism and expertise are incomparable.

Malcolm Swarbrick, UK – March 1, 2021
I discovered Kat Tabakova, from her YouTube channel and was extremely impressed with the quality of her training and attention to detail. I have been looking for ways to improve my strength and conditioning with regards to my marathon swimming goals.Also learning a new skills set around Kettlebells and body weight exercises is really exciting.I now also use Kat for personal coaching and I have seen my strength already improve a great deal. She is very attentive regarding getting technique absolutely spot on. I live the other side of the world, but it might as well be next door. I can send a technique video by WhatsApp then I get a really quick response (around the time zone of course) with top quality advice. I get a clear programme to work too that has milestones to meet.Kat is friendly, professional, obviously highly qualified and experienced and makes training fun.Zoom coaching also worked really well and I soon forgot she was in New Zealand and I was 10 thousand miles away!She also represents very good value for money. Kat has gone the extra mile and has also given me solid advice around nutrition and fat loss.If you are prepared to put some time, effort and commitment in to improving your strength and skills set then I would highly recommend Kat for you.

Matt B – February 27, 2021
As a beginner it has been a great experience to have Kat lead me in a supportive way to start my kettlebell journey. Her focus on making each part of the experience safe both physically and emotionally has led to great confidence for me. I’ve felt the focus on correct form and mobility translate into other exercise I do and also my life in general.


Jeff Wang – August 16, 2019
I scheduled a 2-hr private coaching session with Kat and highly recommend Kat! I wanted to get an experienced set of eyes on me to provide feedback on my form. Her form and technique is so clean! I’m somewhere in between beginner to intermediate and picked up many tips for techniques I’m currently practicing as well as instruction on some new skills. Kat explains concepts well and her systems and processes are admired. I think she would be great with brand new beginners because of her process of initially assessing each body and then proceeding accordingly. Also, her mindset and approach to fitness from growing up in Russia is great. Thanks Kat, I had a great time and learned a lot from you!


Chong Looi – September 3, 2020
Professional, knowledgeable and the person to contact for an awesome experience and results.

Julie H – March 15, 2021
I feel hot and exhausted- but grateful for your calm, patient guidance.

Liz O’Callaghan, New Zealand Ministry of Health, April 2015

Under Kat’s guidance, I was able to use kettlebells to become the most fit I’ve ever been in my life. Kat shows a huge amount of passion in helping people to achieve the very best they are capable of. Her knowledge of fitness is unbeatable. She’s dedicated and genuinely cares about her client’s wellbeing and progress towards a healthier and fitter you.

Deanna Nelson, Keith Nelson & Associates, June 2015

Kat is awesome. Efficient methodical, caring and committed. She is always totally focused on each of her clients giving 110%. Always striving for results. Couldnt recommend a better trainer.


Karen Perese, Ministry of Corrections, DHB, February 2015

The best Trainer I have worked with. Focused on results for you, doesn’t put up with excuses or lame reasons you don’t want to exercise. She will inspire you to do what you need to. Very knowledgeable in her professionalism for Health and Fitness and Lifestyle choices. 100% recommend.


Julie Harrison, Senior Lecturer in Accounting, University of Auckland, August 2014

I am a senior lecturer of Accounting at the University of Auckland. Kat has been my personal trainer since 2009.

Kat has always provided excellent service and I have been particularly impressed by her knowledge of exercise and nutrition. I have also been impressed by Kat’s dedication to expanding her own and her client’s knowledge. As someone who was very unfit and not motivated when I started training with Kat, I attribute all my success to Kat’s enthusiasm, patience and excellent training.

Kat has also demonstrated a high level of skill at managing a wide variety of fitness levels and ages in her classes. Kat has a strong focu on adapting exercise to individual’s level of ability, while constantly challenging them. As well as significantly improving my fitness I have had no injuries in my years of training with Kat. I attribute this to her strong focus on correct form and skillful training.

Julie TGU

Heather Thompson-Barker, Forme Spa Group, Manager and National Trainer, November 2017

I inintialy worked with Kat on the recovery of my broken hand and lower back problems as I suffer from a brittle bone disease. My sessions with Kat have included 1on1 personal training, kettlebell classes, nutrition classes and bootcamp classes.

As I work within the service industry, I am particularly pedantic when it comes to the customer service I receive. I believe Kat delivers ‘World Class Service’. She is incredibly honest, reliable, inspirational and very organised. She has single-handedly made me the healthiest I have been in my life and I couldn’t be happier with the results that I have achieved, physically and mentally.

I shall always hold her in very high regard and will not hesitate to recommend her.


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